Who are Bagel Yard?

Situated on the corner of Al Wasl Rd, Bagel Yard is a few blocks away from the beach and Burj Al Arab. They deliver a menu rich with the best of traditional bagel offerings, but also a fusion of culinary influences: sometimes traditional, sometimes creative, but always scrumptious!

The Brief

Bagel Yard had a very clear idea of how they wanted the items on their menu to be shot. Their artisanal bagels are hand-rolled, simmered in honey water & baked in a wood-fired oven to create a great looking bagel. They wanted this labour of love to come across in their photos as well as looking professional with the correct composition. It was essential that the food was portrayed in the best possible way with a heavy attention to detail.

The Approach

Bagel Yard had a very clear and structured brief which was fantastic for us. We started by getting inspiration from international social media accounts. Once we identified the best food related account we created a moodboard for the shoot.

Great Result

Haagen Dazs